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Do you have a damaged tree on your residential property? Don't let it wreak havoc on your home and put your family at risk. Even the fall of one branch on your home can cause a lot of damage. Contact Dave's Discount Tree Service LLC to provide you with safe and effective tree removal services.

We have the skills and equipment to remove trees from your residential or commercial property, irrespective of how big or small they may be. Also, we'll do the job without damaging your lawn or nearby structures. 
Tree removal

We Can Remove Ugly Stumps From Your Property

Stump removal can potentially affect your property if not done correctly. To ensure a successful stump removal procedure, we take into consideration all important factors, such as root system, foundation, stump hole, and stump disposal. 

Get in touch with us today for professional stump removal when tree removal service is requested. With more than 20 years of experience in tree removal business, you can be rest assured that Dave's Discount Tree Service LLC will give you the exceptional service you're looking for. 
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If you have trees on your property that are putting your home or business at risk of damage, have them carefully removed along with their stumps by Dave's Discount Tree Service LLC. 
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